Just to say again that the suit is superb. I’m really delighted with it! M.S.

They are LOVELY. I wore them for lunch! Thank you X X X’ M.R.

Jacket and waistcoat are perfect - well done’ M.S.

I think P looks hot, powerful and slick. He said he feels like a lounge lizard and I know by the way he walks he is v happy in his new suit. K.F.

Love the jacket. Thank you and look forward to the next ! W.G.

Really happy with the suit – thank you, and thanks for stopping off in Essex. Will be in touch soon.’ CBM.

The trousers are great. T.B.

Thank you so much.
Had a moment last week when I had to wear my new DJ one evening and then wear my new suit the following day. I felt very smart...
Thank you.

Perfect. I will settle this quickly. The family were very impressed & I think jealous!! R.B.

Hi Tina,
Just to say Jerry's plus are really good!
Simon saw him last night. Well done you and Thank you. L.J

lled with the trousers. very excited about wearing this weekend. If its ok with you - I will get measured for a suit over the summer. E.P.

He loves it, it's a perfect fit. S.M.

PS am wearing your suit to lunch with the Hungarian Ambassador today. R.B.

Very pleased with the suit – many thanks. C.S.

Love my suits. I’m the smartest man in London M.W.

Can’t wait…and thank you for looking after me so well W.G.

Only the best for the PM - it was your wonderful suit I was wearing! Many thanks - it cheers me every time I put it on! H.M.

Just had (another) royal visit to the factory. M looked really good in his TL suit, thank you! M.R.

Hi Tina – it’s perfect, you are very clever, thank you so much. A.G.

Great thanks, everyone being so nice about my blue wool suit. M.R.

Hi, it is perfect. I really love it. Fits well and looks really smart. I love the fact that there is a jerkin and cap to match. Thank you so much. J.J.

It’s all arrived. Jacket massive success – love it, but needs a tiny alteration. LOVE suit too but maybe lapels a touch too wide? All in all a huge success, thank you. A.G.

Suit so nice. Off to Downing street and YES I am wearing a Tina Loder tie too. Thank you. M.R.

You making me a suit will help get me back to being the person I used to be. C.G.

Thanks very much for putting up with all the appointment prevarications. The suit is very comfortable. I’m told on good authority that it is stylish beyond measure. Well done. I am really, really pleased with it. Thanks. C. M B

Many thanks for such a grand job on both. A.F.

Remiss of me not to have dropped you a line but Harry is thrilled with his smoking jacket. H.S.

It’s wonderful – you are so clever. Thank you x. H.M.

I am thrilled with it. It fits perfectly, etc. etc. A.C.

Thank you for your great work – I will love wearing them all and I am sure they will be much admired. M.L.

My Process

After a telephone conversation during which I will find out roughly what you want, we will set up the first appointment either at 9-10 Savile Row or your base, whichever is more convenient. There we will talk about style, choose cloth and trim and I will take measurements.

Next, your pattern will be cut and the first fitting will be put together for you to try on about 2 – 4 weeks later.

At this appointment I will check general fit, balance and shape. Great attention is paid to comfort and the line. Having noted all the adjustments the suit is taken to pieces again, re-cut and put together for the 2nd fitting usually about 2 weeks afterwards.

At this fitting the precision adjustments get made. The suit will get pulled apart for the last time, re-cut and finished in about 2 weeks.

Depending on the timing of fittings, for which I allow 30 minutes, it takes about 6 weeks to complete a suit. It is worth noting that there are about 70 hours of work in each suit mostly done by hand.


I make the whole range of tailored clothes for a man’s wardrobe: Business suits, jackets, trousers, waistcoats, Overcoats, morning suits, tailcoats, shooting suits, Norfolk jackets and dinner jackets. In fact anything you like. I now also make ties.

Typical prices are; a hand tailored two piece business suit £2,250, a jacket would be around £1,600. A three piece morning suit or tails would be around £3,000. A shooting suit £2,350, an overcoat from £1,600 and a Dinner jacket £2,400. The prices are dependent on the cloth.

A 50% deposit is required on order and the balance paid on delivery.


Pricing for Made to Measure

As a rough guide the following are prices for a two piece suit. I can make separate trousers and jackets.

Cotton twill - £650, linens - £700, worsted wool from £750 - £1,000, luxury wool flannels - £1,200, tweed - £850, wool and cashmere - £950.

The cloths and trim are the same as for bespoke.

Made to Measure

A straightforward route to beautiful clothes.

This is a tailoring service that is highly personalised in the Savile Row tradition. It is a development from bespoke tailoring and has a modern edge in that it combines state of the art garment construction technology with the great attention to the requirements of the individual that you would expect from a Savile Row tailor.

I will be offering individually made suits, jackets, trousers, waistcoats, coats and evening-wear specifically tailored for you. At a meeting in Savile Row where I will show you cloth from my fantastic ranges, we will discuss what you want and I will take your measurements and observe your configuration. Using a classic block as my starting point I will apply these measurements and make adjustments to the shape. And having deciding on all the details including the linings, pockets, buttons all the information will be noted, the cloth and trim ordered and everything will be sent to the factory to arrive back as the finished garment within 8 weeks.

All this for half the price of my bespoke service.

About Tina Loder

Having studied Fashion at Epsom School of Art & Design, I went on to complete an M Des at the Royal College of Art in 1985.

My interest in menswear is driven by my passion for tailoring: I have learned exactly how the right choice of cloth, a good cut and precision fitting can transform the man and his appearance.

In 1985 I put together my first menswear collection, and sold it to shops throughout England and the USA. The factories I used in London’s East End made my ready to wear orders, and from that, I was asked to make bespoke suits, so began to work with bespoke tailors.

The tailors I found worked around Carnaby Street and were the main outworkers for Savile Row. I was apprenticed to a number of them but the most valuable time I had was working for Doug Hayward of Mount Street. Doug was the Maestro. He was entertaining, funny and warm, putting people at their ease whilst swiftly gathering information and making the adjustments. He charmed his customers and my time there was very inspiring.

It is nearly 30 years since I started. Most of my original tailors are still working for me and are some of the best tailors in Great Britain. They are in great demand as they are very experienced and their work is of an extremely high standard.

I see my customers at 9 – 10 Savile Row in the beautiful top floor office of cloth merchant Holland & Sherry where I do the measuring and fitting. I also visit my customers if that is more convenient.

I have recently designed my third collection of silk ties and have now launched my Made to Measure tailoring service which provides a more straightforward and affordable alternative to the bespoke service.

All are available to see on the website.

A Word about My Ties

I wanted to create ties that stand apart, beautifully made, utterly soft and designed in a palette of sophisticated gleaming colours.

These silk ties do not fall stiffly from the collar. I deconstructed the classic to make a tie supple enough to tuck into your pocket, or loosen at the neck. Using heavy silk allowed a lighter wool interfacing for maximum fluidity and movement, and offered a superb range of colours.

The silk is woven in a Suffolk mill, the direct descendent of a 17th Century Spitalfields business run by Huguenot weavers and the quality is incredible. The dying, weaving and finishing of the cloth all takes place in Suffolk, and the ties are cut and made by hand in East Anglia.

The end results are sumptuous, expensive looking ties. They are special and luxurious and will make you look and feel a million dollars.

Bespoke Tailoring

Bespoke tailoring gives you the opportunity to achieve exactly the look you want with perfect fit in beautiful cloth. The result is impressive and transformative. This is an exceptional and luxurious way to create clothing, and the wearer will look and feel fabulous for a lifetime.